Members work with volunteers’ support to actively participate in gardening and there are many ways to participate:

Designing and tending to gardens:

This ranges from considering the selection of garden items for a season to tending to the nurturing and care of the gardens. Members are introduced to container gardening and use of raised beds to raise the soil level to keep the plants within easy reach from a wheelchair or scooter. Participants also become familiar with adapted tools and other equipment, which can be custom-made to specific requirements by volunteers from the Tetra Society of North America.

Ensuring barrier-free gardens:

Participants help inform establishing barrier-free gardens including getting to, from and around garden areas. This includes path width and material, grading, convenience of watering supply, etc.


Educational workshops led by an expert guest speaker drawn from the professional gardening community, who provides insight into plants, techniques and garden design. Workshop topics are based on our participants’ interests and needs. Contact us for more information.