Support DIGA
DIGA volunteers visit members to advise and help with their garden on an individual basis; other supporters help us financially.

Can you help the Disabled Independent Gardeners Association?


DIGA is a community-based not-for-profit organization that relies on support from individuals and organizations in all sectors. We exist through generous donations of time and money.

Our volunteer program matches able-bodied gardeners with our members, to make gardening more accessible and achievable. This is conducted wherever our members are planting: window boxes, balconies, containers, backyards and community gardens. Gardening is a social activity, with an emphasis on sharing hints and tips, so our velunteers find it a rewarding process.

We also rely on financial contributions to fund workshops, lectures, garden tours and planting materials.

You can help by:

Volunteering - fill out the form to volunteer with DIGA (pdf).

Donating - see our Canada Helps page to offer financial support.