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Disabled Independent Gardeners Association
318 – 425 Carrall St.
Vancouver, BC  V6B 6E3

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Sheryl Newman
Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 117


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Disabled Independent Gardeners Association

David Fong, Executive Director

Graeme Wyman, Program Manager

Janet Woods, Communications Officer

Joy Hayden, Funds Development

Shareen Pasco, DIGA Field Coordinator

The Disability Foundation and its affiliated societies comply with COVID-19 protocols as determined by the provincial health authorities (e.g., BC: Our workers and volunteers will follow such protocols and must be vaccinated to work with and within our organizations (offices, program locations, and home visits), unless a medical exemption is in place. To protect our workers and volunteers, we expect our clients and partners to comply with COVID-19 health and safety regulations which means fully vaccinated unless there is a medical exemption. 

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