Board of Directors

Caspar Ryan

Caspar is an award-winning artist driven by his passion for storytelling. As an accomplished video director, producer, and writer, he engages with communities both locally and abroad creating authentic and heartfelt narratives at private events, with numerous non-profit organizations, as well as for global pageants including Miss World. Caspar’s connection with DIGA began with his work as a fundraiser for the Disability Foundation and subsequently as a videographer for all the affiliated Societies. He was previously on the ConnecTra Board and now brings his expertise to the DIGA Board. He envisions for DIGA to thrive with new volunteers and expanding its presence in gardens in neighbouring communities re-invigorating participation and interactions with the community.

Jean Donaldson

Jean Donaldson is both an active gardener and a Board member for DIGA. She is passionate about ensuring a program that is participatory and provides a sense of self-confidence and community. She would like to see DIGA gain visibility in the community and thrive with both new gardeners and volunteers.

Terry LeBlanc

Terry LeBlanc is an active advocate for accessible transit and housing. He first joined the Disability Foundation community as a sailor with the Disabled Sailing Association of BC. He has since become more involved, most recently as Board chair for the Vancouver Adapted Music Society and ConnecTra.

Simon Paradis

A graduate of Concordia University’s Integrative Music Arts program, Simon has been playing in blues, rock, country and roots bands across Canada for 30 years. Simon began developing his skills as a songwriter in the wake of a life-altering accident. In 2015, Simon recorded “Mouthful of Stars”, a debut full-band CD of original music written by Simon and his wife, Kara. Since 2015 Simon and Kara have travelled across the country giving presentations to various organizations, such as Brain Injury Canada.